Binance Extortion Mystery Intensifies: KYC Data Leaker Issues A Warning

It was recently reported that Binance’s KYC data was hacked, and the info has been uploaded into a Telegram Group that’s called “Find Your Binance KYC.”

There are more images of people holding their IDs for the exchange’s verification process which have been posted in Telegram groups. As expected, this triggered a huge panic among users.

Changpeng Zhao did not waste any time and hopped on Twitter, warning the whole community against the “KYC leak FUD” and he said that all these allegations are currently under investigation.

Links to Binance hack from May

It’s been also reported that, according to an investigation, the KYC data leak that’s involving data from Binance traders is linked to the Binance hack in May that resulted in more than 7,000 BTC.

CoinDesk says that the investigation continues and it can confirm that two out of more than a hundred leaked profiles and that have been created back in February 2018 belong to Binance customers who had completed the KYC checks required by the crypto trading platform.

According to Binance, the info was handled by a third-party firm.

The info about the security breach has been made public on Wednesday when the hacker who goes by the pseudonym “Bnatov Platon” started posting what he claims are photos and information about Binance users.

Platon calls himself an “ethical hacker”

The Daily Hodl quoted data from CoinDesk and reports that “Platon who calls himself an ethical “whitehat hacker” seeking a bug bounty from Binance, is effectively demanding 300 Bitcoin (BTC) worth approximately $3.5 million in exchange for the leaked KYC data and images, uploaded the data to an open website and then shared those images on Telegram.”

Platon claimed that he has 60,000 pieces of KYC information.

Head over to the original article in order to learn more information on the whole issue.


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