Binance was recently in the spotlight, and it was not for the greatest reasons, according to more users – this time is due to some restriction-related issues.

Max Hillebrand is a popular figure in the crypto space, and he’s recently reported that “@binance Singapore does not tolerate any transactions directly and indirectly with gambling, P2P, and especially darknet / mixer sites.”

Overall, Max’s conclusion is “don’t rely on trusted third parties to fight for your privacy.” You should head over to our previous article and read more info on the issue.

Binance adds support for ETH and XRP

It’s been just revealed that the leading crypto exchange Binance added support for two of the largest cryptos by market cap, ETH and XRP.

It seems that Binance decided to pair both ETH and XRP with the Turkish lira, says a press release.

The exchange placed a premium on launching new fiat currency options in December.

On December 1st, Binance rolled out support for the Russian ruble and it paired it with Bitcoin, ETH, XRP, and BNB.

Binance launches Android app for Binance US

Binance also launched a new Android app for Binance US, which is a US-focused crypto exchange that has been launched via a partnership with BAM Trading Services.

The app is now in beta mode, and it’s also worth noting that Binance US launched the beta version of the iOS app about a week ago.

Other than this, the crypto space has been hit really hard these days by the video-sharing platform, YouTube as you probably know by now.

They started deleting crypto-related videos, hurting not only scammers but also important influencers with a strong voice in the crypto space.

Other than that, Google also suspended the Ethereum wallet MetaMask, following YouTube’s move. So, 2019 is not looking quite bright during these last days of the year.

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