Binance Is Exploring More Altcoins For The Launch Of The US Platform – Ripple’s XRP Is On The List

According to the latest reports, Binance’s KYC data was hacked, and the info has been uploaded into a Telegram Group that’s called “Find Your Binance KYC.”

There are more images of people holding their IDs for the exchange’s verification process which have been posted in Telegram groups. As expected, this triggered a huge panic among users.

Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao hopped on Twitter, warning the whole community against the “KYC leak FUD” and he said that all these allegations are currently under investigation.

Binance is exploring 30 cryptos

Binance explores 30 cryptos for the upcoming platform for US residents.

The exchange said that each one of the digital assets would be reviewed in order to make sure that it meets the necessary listing criteria for the US.

This list includes top 10 cryptos including Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, EOS, and Litecoin.

As Binance is entering the US market, it will try to navigate US securities laws to meet compliance. That means that the exchange will steer clear of tokens that appear to be securities.

The official announcement states the following:

“Binance US recognizes that the ease of issuing blockchain tokens and the perceived lack of regulation could make these tokens targets for abuse. Binance US has both legal obligations and moral duties to shield our users from fraudulent blockchain projects and combat financial crimes.”

The official notes continue and detail that “As such, Binance US has adopted a Digital Asset Risk Assessment Framework to help select bona fide blockchain projects with a real chance of making the world more efficient, to provide transparency in our listing standards, and to ensure Binance US’s compliance with applicable legal requirements.”

The Daily Hodl reveals the 30 cryptos which are being taken into consideration. XRP is included, and this made the XRP army of fans excited.

The online publication also notes that the following coins are excluded: Bitcoin SV, Monero, Tron, LEO, and Tezos.


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