It has been just revealed that the most important crypto exchange in the world, Binance will be soon shuttering the Visa debit card program in Europe. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Binance expected to shutter Visa program in Europe

According to the latest reports, it seems that Binance will be making some massive moves regarding the Visa debit card program in Europe.

The important crypto exchange just said that Binance Card services will stop working in the European Economic Area (EEA) in December.

Binance also made sure to say the fact that customer accounts won’t be impacted.

The new reports coming from the online publication the Daily Hodl notes the fact that the exchange urged European customers to transition to Binance Pay – just in case you don’t know, this is the company’s crypto payment technology.

Here is the relevant tweet that sheds light on the matter below:

Just to refresh your memory, Binance first rolled out the card in Europe in September 2020.

This is a move that made it possible for customers to use the crypto assets in their exchange accounts in order to spend and transact at over 60 million locations around the world.

Binance closed its card without providing any reason, but it has been under regulatory scrutiny in many regions this year.

In May, the company announced its exit from the Canadian market, stating that new regulations for stablecoins and investors’ limits made it difficult to operate in the country.

The crypto space is currently boiling at the moment because we’re just ahead of the SEC’s acceptance of BTC ETF, according to the latest reports. Stay tuned for more interesting news from the crypto space.

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