We’re in the middle of a global crisis triggered by the coronavirus pandemic.

Our everyday lives have changed, and the daily routine is now governed by fear and uncertainty as to when and if life will be getting back to normal.

It’s been revealed that in a telephone interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box, Senator Ted Cruz highlighted the fact that a lot of the changes that Americans are making to cope with lockdowns, kids at home, unemployment and fear over the coronavirus are probably set to be long-lasting.

A new digital world arises

More than that, these new changes that have been implemented into our daily lives are also set to alter the face of the economy as well.

The coronavirus pandemic shattered healthcare systems all over the world and we’re expected to go into recession once all this is over.

During the global crisis more and more individuals who have been looking for viable safe havens chose the crypto industry. Bitcoin and cryptos have been gaining interest and adoption these days.

The mainstream adoption of cryptos has been one of the main goals that the crypto industry set back in 2019, and there are still lot of moves going on these days as well towards the achievement of this important goal.

Ted Cruz also believes that during these times Bitcoin and crypto will be gaining even more interest and people will learn how they work without any physical bank branches and the employees who have to settle transactions around the world.

Cruz told host Andrew Ross Sorkin that Americans are moving toward a digital world.

“I think this crisis changes everybody, and let me talk both about  ‘us’ as a people and then ‘us’ as politics. Us as a people – the economic repercussions – I think are going to be far-reaching. You’ve got millions of people now learning to work from home. I’m sitting here in my living room doing an interview on the phone,” he said.

He continued and described a new digital world that’s on its way and set to remain.

You should check out the video in order to learn what more he had to say.

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