The crypto market looks promising today with Bitcoin and the altcoins trading in the green.

The recent Bitcoin crash that had the most important coin out there fall below $4,000 back in March will not be the killer of the crypto industry, believes Brendan Blumer.

He just offered an optimistic stance on Bitcoin and crypto, and he highlighted the fact that the crypto market has what it takes to recover.

EOS founder is optimistic about the future of crypto

Blumer is the founder of EOS and the CEO of He recently revealed that the crypto could resist inflation, and in the current economic environment, Bitcoin and crypto will shine hard.

“The global macro environment has never before aligned the stars to highlight the value proposition of crypto quite like what we’re about to see in the next 24 months. Hold on to your seats,” he said as quoted by the online publication the Daily Hodl.

Blumer also said that he thinks investors are really scared to get stuck holding too much cash and they will have to find another entity to put their money in.

Interest in Bitcoin and crypto is on the rise

Mike Novogratz responded and said that he sees an increased interest in the crypto space as well. Check out the tweet below:

It’s also interesting to mention the fact that Blumer made a really bold prediction back in March about the most important coin in the crypto market.

He said that Bitcoin is heading for $250k, regardless of what happened to the traditional markets.

At the moment of writing this article, Bitcoin is trading in the green and the king crypto is currently priced at $7,345.44.

Since this morning, we’re looking at a small rally for Bitcoin and the digital assets.

Despite the global crisis that will continue to hurt the economy, the digital assets are getting lots of credit these days.

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