Interest in Ethereum has also been on the rise a lot this year, despite the fact that Bitcoin continues to be seen as a safe haven.

The crypto market welcomed more investors in 2020, despite the global crisis triggered by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Winklevoss twins hols massive amounts of ETH

The Winklevoss twins are regarded as the world’s first BTC billionaires are now saying that BTC is not the only asset that they own.

During a new interview the co-founders of the crypto exchange Gemini said that they are also massive investors in ETH.

“We definitely own a lot of Ether. They’re large and it’s a material amount, yeah quite large… I think it’s safe to say material by any person’s standard, like anybody’s wealth amount.”

The did not say how much they invested in ETH exactly, but they made sure to hint at the fact that it is of “the same universe” and in the “same galaxy” as their Bitcoin holdings, as noted by the Daily Hodl.

“It’s sizeable. A couple of years back, we made a concerted effort to buy a lot of Ether.”

The online publication mentioned above also made sure to note that back in 2013, the twins revealed they own 120,000 BTC – this is equivalent to 1% of all Bitcoin in circulation at the time.

At the moment of writing this article, Bitcoin is trading in the green and the king coin is priced at $8,924.49.

ETH is also trading in the green and the coin is priced at $203.91.

Bitcoin warning released

Earlier today, we reported that a new Bitcoin warning is released.

A crypto analyst who warned traders about the 2019 Bitcoin massive correction said that he believes that there’s a similar scenario about to play out now as well.

Dave the Wave said he believes that after BTC was not able to beat resistance at $10,000, the coin is now “back on track” to fall to $6,300.

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