Bitcoin (BTC) And Litecoin (LTC) Adoption Is On The Rise

The mass adoption of digital assets has been a huge goal this year, and there have been a lot of movements made in the crypto space to support this massive goal.

What’s also essential is that institutional interest in Bitcoin and cryptos has also been on the rise as well this year.

Overall, crypto enthusiasts started investing more in BTC and digital assets, despite the fact that the crypto market has been extremely volatile lately.

BTC and LTC adoption becomes stronger

Now, the US-based payment merchant processor Aliant is getting ready to pay its employees a part of the compensation packages in both BTC and Litecoin as well.

Aliant started to support the digital assets and crypto payments back in September 2017.

CEO Eric Brown says the initiative is pointing out the company’s commitment to the digital economy.

“The fintech industry is growing and changing rapidly, and this is a way for our employees to be a part of Aliant’s involvement in this shift to digital currency,” he said.

He continued and detailed that “Each member of the Aliant team now has a vested interest in cryptocurrency not just as something they work on in the office. The more our team utilizes digital currency, the better our customer user experience will be. This benefits Aliant as a company, and our employees as invested customers.”

Bitcoin shows huge institutional interest

Speaking of mainstream adoption of cryptos, Bitcoin is reportedly showing a surging institutional interest these days, along Ethereum (ETH).

It’s been revealed that the institutional crypto investment company Grayscale has released the Q3 reports for this year.

This revealed something that might seem pretty surprising to some: an increased interest from the Wall Street in Bitcoin and Ethereum as well, according to the latest reports revealed by the online publication the Daily Hodl.


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