Bitcoin (BTC) Funds Might Have Vanished When The LN Flaw Was Reportedly “Exploited In The Wild”

Bitcoin managed to gather the interest of more people this year, and this happened especially after the bulls returned to the crypto market back in April.

The market has been extremely volatile during the past few weeks and this was still not enough to stop the optimistic predictions regarding the price of Bitcoin from popping up.

Investors’ interest in crypto also remains high.

A bug plagued the Lightning Network

There’s been a problem regarding the Lightning Network.

Recently a Lightning Labs developer has publicly said that a bug was plaguing the Bitcoin LN and this seems to have also been “exploited in the wild.”

The online publication the Daily Hodl reported that Olaoluwa Osuntokun, the chief technical officer at Lightning Labs, told developers in a mailing list that various Lightning node versions needed updates to prevent vulnerability.

We’ve confirmed instances of the CVE being exploited in the wild. If you’re not on the following versions of either of these implementations (these versions are fully patched), then you need to upgrade now to avoid risk of funds loss:

  • * lnd v0.7.1 — anything 0.7 and below is vulnerable
  • * c-lightning v0.7.1 — anything 0.7 and below is vulnerable
  • * eclair v0.3.1 — anything 0.3 and below is vulnerable

We’d also like to remind the community that we still have limits in place on the network to mitigate widespread funds loss, and please keep that in mind when putting funds onto the network at this early stage.”

Reach out to experts

The developer encourages users to reach out to experts of the implementations if they have issues updating.

The online publication mentioned above reported back in August that a developer from Australia was the one who unveiled the critical security flaw in the layer 2 scaling solution.

It’s also important to note that this is designed to boost the speed and lower the cost of Bitcoin transactions.



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