Bitcoin (BTC) Might Reach $20,000 Level, Said BitMEX CEO, As Liquidity Lack In The US Increased

Over time, Bitcoin has received many nicknames, but the most interesting one is “digital coin.” Now, we should see how this translates into the real world since The Fed pumped $128 billion into markets this week to tackle liquidity issues. That might surge Bitcoin (BTC) towards the $20,000 level, as per BitMEX CEO, Arthur Hayes.

“QE4eva is coming. Once the Fed gets religion again, get ready for Bitcoin (BTC) $20,000,” posted Arthur Hayes on his Twitter page. Accordingly, the BitMEX CEO thinks that the surge the BTC might experience soon is thanks to the recent decision The Fed made.

On Tuesday, The Fed pumped $53 billion into the markets, while, on Wednesday, they pumped $75 billion. No official explained why US-based banks experience such a lack of liquidity, but analysts explained that economic tensions would ascend in the United States. We might be on the edge of a new financial crisis, but it’s too early to state that.

Bitcoin (BTC) Might Reach $20,000 Level Thanks To The Economic Tensions In The US

On the back of the recent liquidity lack increase in the US, Bitcoin (BTC) might attract investors. The so-called “digital coin,” the leading crypto coin in the market, might become a reliable “haven asset.”

Lately, more and more investors seen Bitcoin (BTC) as a reliable haven asset, besides Swiss Franc, Japanese Yen, gold, and trustworthy governmental bonds. In times of economic tensions and geopolitical turbulences, people, especially investors, tend to put their money in the before-mentioned assets.

That fact would definitely benefit Bitcoin (BTC), too. Therefore, the BTC might show a significant price surge. As Arthur Hayes posted on Twitter, thanks to economic tensions and the liquidity leak increase in the US, Bitcoin (BTC) might reach the $20,000 level. At the moment, the BTC trades at $10,169, after increasing by about 3 percent in the last 24 hours.






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