Bitcoin (BTC)’s Price Is Set To Surpass $15,000 After Breaking $10k, Believes Tyler Winklevoss

Bitcoin (BTC) is racing like crazy, and it’s definitely heading towards $11k.

Bitcoin broke the $10k level, and now, according to crypto experts, things will boom like never before.

The total crypto market cap surpassed $300 billion for the very first time since June 9, 2018.

BTC racing towards $15k

One of the Gemini founders, Tyler Winklevoss has recently said on social media that when BTC manages to break the $10k level, the most important crypto in the market will quickly surpass $15k as well.

His prediction sees BTC getting back to the all-time high near $20k rather sooner than later as the data shows that back in 2017 BTC needed eight days to go from $10k to $15k.

Cryptoglobe writes: “It took the cryptocurrency little over a week to then get to its all-time high before the market turned and the price of most cryptocurrencies started plummeting. BTC ultimately hit a $3,200 low in December of last year before starting to recover.”

Since then BTC managed to triple its value, and it will definitely surge more according to various crypto experts.

John McAfee came back with an answer:

Reasons behind BTC surge

The reasons behind the latest rally are various, and they include the halving that’s set to take place next year, the hashrate hitting an all-time high and also the recent tensions between US and Iran, according to the online publication mentioned above.

The Winklevoss twins are known to be huge BTC supporters and early investors.

Libra, another trigger for the rally

The whole crypto space has been in the spotlight these days especially after Facebook announced its controversial token Libra.

Libra has a simple but massive goal – a stable, global currency that’s able to move around the world as fast as information without any involvement from banks, SWIFT and any legacy infrastructure.

Libra is thought to be a catalyst for this BTC race.

The crypto space is heading towards mass adoption because the FOMO is about to be unleashed and institutional money is heading this way.

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