The crypto market looks pretty good today with Bitcoin still trading in the green and still being priced above $7,500.

At the moment of writing this article, the most important coin in the crypto market is trading at $7,578.96.

A post from 1999 might have been written by Satoshi Nakamoto

It’s been revealed that Blockstream chief executive and cryptographer Adam Back said that there’s a 200-word post from back in 1999 – a decade before BTC was launched – seems to carry the hallmarks of the anonymous creator of BTC Satoshi Nakamoto.

According to the reports coming from the online publication the Daily Hodl, the text is a part of a back and forth among the cypherpunks – this is a group of activists who emerged in the late ‘80s – this is advocating cryptography, personal privacy, and anonymity.

Back is referenced in the BTC wallpaper. It’s also worth noting that he’s a longtime member of the movement and the inventor of Hascaash as well – this is a system that became a cornerstone for BTC.

A mysterious note

In more tweets, he said that there’s a post from the early days that features an anonymous author who had various BTC ideals which included how to successfully secure a virtual currency in a decentralized way.

“One possibility is to make the double-spending database public. Whenever someone receives a coin they broadcast its value. The [database] operates in parallel across a large number of servers, so it is intractable to shut it down,” he said as quoted by the online publication mentioned above.

Check out the tweet below:

It’s important to note that at one point, there’s written “over night” instead of “overnight” and this is a mistake that Nakamoto would not make. It could also be a type as Back said.

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