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Bitcoin Optimistic Price Prediction: BTC Could Hit $350k Soon

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Bitcoin is trading in the green today after a few days of a bloody crypto market.

Even though we have been witnessing huge volatility of the crypto market, optimistic crypto-related predictions keep popping up in the crypto space.

BTC to disrupt industries and climb new all-time highs

Now, CEO of blockchain and crypto hedge fund Pantera Capital said that he believes BTC will disrupt dozens of industries and climb new all-time highs..

In an interview on Real Vision Finance, Dan Morehead explains why he remains bullish on the leading cryptocurrency.

“When you have a disruptive technology, they call it a category killer. Bitcoin is a serial killer. It’s going to go through 40 or 50 different industries, wealth storage, cross-border money movement, property titles, boating rights, identity. And those are all the biggest use cases on earth,” he said.

He continued and pointed out to the fact that “Gold is worth a $7 trillion market cap. And even currency. Currency is a $100 trillion market cap. And all of the cryptocurrencies combined are a quarter of a trillion dollars. And that’s the leverage I’m talking about.”

In the long run, BTC could hit $350k

Due to the high risk of the volatile crypto markets, he also said that he believes investors should only allocate an extremely small portion of their portfolio to BTC. He said that Bitcoin’s history also shows that ignoring it is not a rational thing to do.

In the long run he said that BTC could surge to $350k.

At the moment of writing this article, BTC is trading in the green and the most important coin in the market is priced at $7,170.05.

Earlier today, we reported that veteran trader analyst Tone Vays said that he believes that the best time to buy Bitcoin in years is just around the corner.

This means that he believes we can expect lower lows.

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