Bitcoin Prediction: BTC Will Surpass $20,000, Anthony Pompliano Says

These days the price of Bitcoin (BTC) raced unexpectedly, triggering a lot of excitement in the crypto space.

Its parabolic run had people all over the crypto market shocked and excited as BTC was able to smash psychological levels with ease.

NewsBTC says that there’s definitely FOMO in the air and online magazine writes that at the important psychological level of $10k, the FOMO will spread into the public.

BTC to surge over $20,000

Morgan Creek Digital’s Anthony Pompliano has recently squared off with Shark Tank investor and crypto critic Kevin O’Leary, as reported by the online publication the Daily Hodl.

O Leary was invited on CNBC’s Squawk Box, and he said that “the notion that BTC is a disruptive tech has a distinct odor of BS.”

“I want to explore the idea that there’s nothing here except raw speculation. No different than when I go to Las Vegas and put my money on black or red on a roulette wheel. Because, where is the intrinsic value inherent in deploying real capital – let’s talk real money here – and putting it into Bitcoin as a store of value.”

He continued and said, “Tell me why this – which is basically a digital game, is the way I look at it – has any intrinsic value.”

Understanding Bitcoin takes time

Pompliano said that you have to take some time in order to understand BTC and its depths and also the reason why it has value.

He highlighted that more and more institutions are understanding this once they enter the market.

He concluded by saying:

“We’ve now entered into this bull market. Historically, about a year out from that halving period is when that kicks off. It wouldn’t surprise me if we enter a two-to-three-year bull market now. And $20,000, I think, will be a blip on the radar, just like previous past highs.”

We recommend that you head over to the original article and check out the dialogue between the two.


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