It has been revealed the fact that Bitcoin managed to hit a new ATH much faster than expected, according to the latest figures. Check out the current price moves and predictions below.

Bitcoin hits new ATH sooner than expected

At the moment of writing this article, BTC is trading in the green king coin is priced at $41,591.

According to a popular analyst and trader, Bitcoin (BTC) is expected to reach a new all-time high (ATH) sooner than anticipated.

The analyst, who goes by the pseudonym The Flow Horse, has informed his 189,500 followers on the social media platform X that Bitcoin is likely to remain in an uptrend and surpass the previous high of approximately $69,000 in the near future.

“Might be bold to say this, but Bitcoin is going to ATHs faster than you planned.

As soon as this market has its footing above the halfway point between prior ATH and the corresponding bear market lows, it’s just a one-way trip.

Simple reasoning: It’s more than halfway there, it can go all the way.”

The trader has observed that a wealthy investor has taken a huge long position, indicating their belief that Bitcoin will continue to rise in value.

The trader thinks that the recent discussions about sovereign wealth funds potentially investing in Bitcoin, along with the expected approval of a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF), may be contributing to the cryptocurrency’s strength.

“Whoever opened up $200 million in BTC leverage longs on Bitmex is doing quite well still, and at no risk right now clearly. Up $20 million on just the futs (futures) alone, minus the coin to put up margin. Quite bold actually. Is there something more than the ETF? Sovereign wealth conversation is picking up again.”

Fellow on-chain analyst, PlanB, recently expressed his belief that Bitcoin is likely to reach much higher levels faster than most analysts have predicted.

PlanB’s stock-to-flow (S2F) model for Bitcoin aims to forecast longer-term market cycles based on BTC’s halvings when miners’ rewards are cut in half. According to PlanB, the king crypto could soon soar to $60,000.

“After those halvings, the Bitcoin price goes up… That is what I expect to happen in April 2024, again. The price will rise fast towards this new line at $532,000 BTC… It wouldn’t surprise me if we just slowly increase towards the model value of $55,000 – $60,000.”

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