Preston Pysh, a podcaster, and investor, has made a prediction about Bitcoin (BTC). He believes that Bitcoin will gain 100% annually in comparison to fiat currencies.

Pysh explains that Bitcoin will become a clear store of value and a safeguard against the increasing debasement of currencies such as the US dollar.

Bitcoin to become a store of value

Pysh goes on to say that he believes Bitcoin will continue to rise by 100% annually due to the debasement rate of other fiat currencies. However, he notes that some people struggle to understand that all expenses across the globe are denominated in these fiat currencies.

It has been suggested by Pysh that Bitcoin’s value in relation to traditional currencies could double each year, leading to an increase in its use as a payment method.

As more people receive bills in Bitcoin, its popularity will grow. The rate of debasement compared to Bitcoin will become even more significant, reaching 500% or 1,000% annually.

Eventually, businesses may start preferring Bitcoin over fiat currency, due to its greater stability. This will lead to an increase in demand for Bitcoin and the immediate settlement of transactions.

People who hold large amounts of Bitcoin will likely begin to use it more frequently, as there will be a greater demand for transaction fees.

Other optimistic Bitcoin predictions

According to a recent update from Morehead, the decline of Terra and crypto exchange FTX has caused enough pain in the industry to prepare for a bullish market.

Morehead, who has traded for 35 years, has learned that markets can only be down for so long and investors can only endure so much pain.

Since it has been a full year since TerraLUNA/SBF/etc., Morehead believes that the industry can rally now. He also believes that digital assets have become separate from traditional markets, meaning that any potential weakness in equities or bonds may not have as much impact on cryptocurrencies as some analysts may think.

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