It has been reported that Bitcoin could break the market cap of both gold and silver. Check out the latest reports about how this could happen.

BTC new prediction is mind-blowing

According to a renowned crypto analyst, Bitcoin (BTC) is set to take over gold and silver as the world’s primary safe haven assets.

In a recent video, the anonymous presenter of the InvestAnswers YouTube channel informed his 447,000 subscribers that Bitcoin’s price is more resistant to manipulation compared to that of precious metals.

He explained that people often worry about whether paper gold and Bitcoin can affect their real-world prices.

However, there is a significant difference between the two. With gold, it is impossible to verify if the paper has a backing of actual gold, which makes it very risky.

In contrast, with Bitcoin, it is much easier to prove and check, making it more trustworthy.

According to an analyst, silver is no longer a safe haven. The transparency of Bitcoin in terms of prices could lead to the leading cryptocurrency outperforming gold.

This could happen within the next ten years.

The analyst emphasized that Bitcoin has several advantages over gold, but the key factor for its potential success is its verifiability.

Despite concerns about paper and manipulation by larger companies like JPMorgan and BlackRock, Bitcoin’s transparency makes it difficult for such companies to manipulate it.

Therefore, the analyst believes that Bitcoin will outperform gold in the next 8 to 10 years.

There have been a lot of crypto predicitons lately and this one is definitely one of the most optimistic that we have seen.

Bitcoin seems to remain a safe haven for a lot of people, especially during these tumultuous times of geopolitical issues that we have been seeing all over the world lately. Of course, these can also trigger massive volatility.

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