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  • In a twitter announcement a few hours ago, Bitrue announced that it was partnering with the OceanEx exchange. 
  • The partnership will see each exchange list the other’s native cryptocurrency. 
  • Such partnerships will further benefit the crypto community by further increasing the liquidity if Bitrue Coin (BTR) and OceanEx Token (OCE).
  • There will be BTR and OCE airdrops to crypto holders. 

As the Easter weekend comes to a close, the crypto community is celebrating the partnership between two of the largest crypto exchanges in the industry. The team at Bitrue Exchange, via Twitter, has announced a strategic partnership with the OceanEx exchange that will see each exchange list the other’s native cryptocurrency. With this move, Bitrue Coin (BTR) will be listed on OceanEx and OCE will be listed on Bitrue. The tweet making the announcement can be found below.

Trading of BTR on OceanEx and OCE on BTR

Furthermore, the team gave the following timeline as to when each cryptocurrency will be listed.

To begin with, OCE will start trading on Bitrue on the 17th of April at 16:00 (UTC+8) and will be paired with Tether (USDT) and XRP.

Secondly, BTR will begin trading on OceanEx on the 17th of April at 16:00 (UTC+8). The digital asset will be paired with VeChain (VET) and Tether (USDT).

How the Crypto Community Stands to Benefit

Both Bitrue and OceanEx handle a considerable amount in trade volume. At the time of writing this, the exchanges are handling $262 Million and $56 Million in daily trade volume respectively. With this move, BTR and OCE will have additional liquidity that will further the reach of each project to a new audience of investors and traders. Such exposure is sure to benefit the future price of each.

In the case of BTR, this is the first time the coin has been listed outside the Bitrue ecosystem thus giving a glimpse of future listings on other prominent exchanges.

Additionally, Bitrue and OceanEx exchanges will be conducting airdrops to both BTR and OCE holders. Each exchange has set aside 200,000 BTR and 3,000,000 OCE for the exercise. Holders of BTR will be airdropped OCE and vis versa. Such a move will further boost the interest of each digital asset to a wide range of traders and investors who will want to utilize the perks associated with utility coins on their respective exchanges.

Summing it Up

Bitrue and OceanEx have partnered in a move that will see OCE being listed on Bitrue and BTR on OceanEx. Such a move will benefit the crypto community by furthering the liquidity of each digital asset as well as the respective airdrops to holders of each.

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