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BitTorrent Reveals TRX Payment Platform – Tron Is Reportedly One Of Ethereum’s Biggest Challenges 

2018 marked a highly significant turning point for the Tron Foundation as the company purchased one of the world’s leading p2p file sharing platforms BitTorrent.

The importance of such platforms cannot be denied, and Tron made a huge step when acquiring the sharing website.

BitTorrent can secure the future of cryptos

Such platforms have the ability to secure the future of cryptos just simply because of the massive volume of users that these platforms boast.

When the opportunity came knocking on the door, Tron grabbed it fast and took hold over BitTorrent making sure that the platform will be able to play a considerable part in Tron’s future plans to completely decentralize the web.

Tron recently announced that BitTorrent’s users would be rewarded with TRX for providing content and facilitating file shares.

Usually, in a traditional file sharing setting, you have two entities, seeders (who provide content) and leechers (who download and use the content).

What is Tron doing at the moment is adding incentivization in the whole mix and this means that seeders will receive rewards for providing and maintaining content.

The reward will be paid in TRX, this way supporting the power of the TRX coin and making sure that it is able to flow into a new space.

Tron is one of the biggest challenges for Ethereum

A New York and Tel Aviv-based blockchain blogger claimed Qtum and Tron are Ethereum’s main competitors.

Decentralized apps and smart contract solutions offered by Qtum and Tron will challenge Ethereum’s “perceived” market dominance, he said.

Yoav Vilner, a startup mentor for Microsoft and Google-led “accelerator” projects and a blockchain technology blogger, recently published an article on Forbes which is really worth reading.

“TRON takes action when it comes to developing itself, which was evidenced recently by its purchase of BitTorrent, and the launch of Project Atlas making it one of the largest decentralized networks in the world,” Forbes reported.

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