Bringing Innovative Tech To The Crypto Space: Taklimakan Network Launches A Crypto Platform For All Traders’ Needs Using AI And Blockchain

Crypto has been gaining more interest these days, especially after the bulls came back to the market, and more achievements are contributing to bringing closer the primary goal of the crypto space – mass adoption.

Digital assets have a lot to offer, but sometimes users are annoyed by the fact that the info source for the coins is fragmented.

This means that you have to use tons of sources for the latest data, and this can become quite a hurdle.

The issues that are currently plaguing the crypto space in this regard include the following: infective communication between service users and providers

  • lack of service quality
  • the absence of the latest tech implemented in trading
  • unreliable statistical data
  • low level of financial knowledge among crypto enthusiasts
  • poor crypto-related education

The crypto space embraces Taklimakan Network

The solution to all of this is brought in the crypto space by Taklimakan Network.

Taklimakan Network is a platform for education and trading for digital assets that uses Artificial Intelligence, the blockchain tech, and social networking. The main goal of the project is to offer crypto enthusiasts a complex solution for all their needs regarding trading crypto.

They aim to provide users with an “all-in-one” experience so that they will not need to use multiple platforms for their needs anymore.

You all know that you need a platform to trade crypto, another one to check out the latest news, and you also have to hop on social media from time to time in order to connect to other crypto enthusiasts and exchange opinions on the hot topics in the space.

The Taklimakan Network brings a vast array of info sources and solutions, all in the same place.

Here are the main features that the platform has to offer: news, education material, trading tools, analytics, and social networking as well.

All the issues mentioned earlier are now finding their solutions on this platform.

Taklimakan Network‘s plans include implementing the following sections as well: investment section, DEX, freelance crypto exchange, AI for better trading solutions, gamification, crypto market, and more.

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