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Build Powerful DApps Easily With Embark 4.0’s UI Dashboard That Serves As The Ground Control Called Cockpit

Embark is a really fast, straightforward and powerful framework to help developers build and deploy decentralized applications.

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Embark 4.0 (Alpha) provides a suite of brand new tools and features that include a new UI dashboard that will serve as the ground control for the Embark framework.

Cockpit control room best features

The control room called Cockpit makes developing, debugging and the deployment process much easier for all Ethereum developers.

This aims to be your companion when it comes to building DApps.

The core includes its dashboard which provides an overview of all the processes that your Embark instance is connected to.

More than that, it also comes with an interactive console that offers users updates about your application’s build status and also transactions from the connected blockchain client, and all this is in real-time.

It’s also worth noting that Cockpit’s control allows users to execute typical Embark commands such as “help.”

Cockpit comes with its own Blockchain Explorer

This will provide insights about all data that users expect such as blocks, transactions, and the connected accounts.

The official blog post says that “we took it to a new level and introduced a brand new way to analyze deployed instances of your Smart Contracts as well. Within the Contacts view, you can call its APIs, view the ABI and bytecode, retrieve logs related to this contract, and use Cockpit’s new integrated debugger for testing.”

Cockpit allows the use of its integrated web-based editor

This will turn out handy for when you are making changes to your app’s code.

There’s also an integrated browser preview for the decentralized application which makes it really easy and quickly to see the newly introduced changes.

Iterative deployment, utilities and more

With the new deployment panel introduced in Cockpit, users will be able to deploy single or Multiple Smart Contracts to production with complete control over this process.

Embark also comes with a few utilities that can be used by developers.

Now, Cockpit takes these to the very next level by providing a web UI for utility tools such as an Ether converter, a Whisper tester, an ENS tester, a transaction decoder and a tool to sign and verify messages using Web3.

You can read the complete details regarding Cockpit here.

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