ICON has been making headlines a lot lately due to their various achievements and continuing developments. Also, ICON’s ICX coin has been gaining increased popularity, and a lot of people said that it’s becoming one of the preferred coins in the crypto space.

The other day, ICON had an online event called Build Your First Blockchain App with ICON, and it turned out really great.

Event description

In the workshop, participants learned the basics of blockchain development through an interactive and fun project.

According to the official notes, the team that they would build “a slot machine application using ICON technology, ICX, and Smart Contracts known as SCORE and deploy it onto the ICON network.”

The notes were also revealing the requirements to become a part of this really great event: “While experience with Blockchain technology is not required, participants with familiarity in HTML/CSS, Javascript and Python will be beneficial for participation in this workshop.”

You can check out the complete notes in the original post.

Other important projects by ICON

As we already said, ICON has been making headlines a lot lately, and one important project that the team addressed was about Project Nebula.

Also,  ICON proudly announced the participation in REIMAGINE 2020 conference.

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