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Cardano 1.2.0 Main Net Was Just Released – Find out the Essential Code Changes

Sebastien Guillemot tweeted the links for the changelog for Cardano SL 1.2.0 Main Net and the changelog for Daedalus 0.10.0. There’s also a thread on Reddit that addresses the topic. Here are the key features for these two changelogs.

Cardano SL 1.2.0 (Mainnet)

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The key code changes that are included in release 1.2.0 are the following:

  • Add to the V1 API all endpoints that are required for Exchanges.
  • Development and execution of tools for Benchmarking for the wallet V0 API
  • Detailed design and documentation regarding wallet testing and pre-requisite for building regression tests
  • Discriminate between publicly exposed wallet API endpoints that are reserved to an internal IOHK usage
  • Design and implementation of the new V1 API endpoints
  • Optimize the way that mempool is used in the Wallet Backend
  • Analyze the usage of database updates and introduce new atomic updates in the Wallet Backend
  • Investigate and solve the balance discrepancy involving Bittrex
  • Asynchronous restoration of a wallet from seed
  • Add sorting and filtering features to the wallet V1 API

Bug fixes in Cardano 2.1.0

The update brings two important bug fixes:

  • The wallet creation and backup when there are non-Latin characters in the wallet’s name was fixed.
  • The issue where Daedalus remains stuck at Connecting to network screen after updating it was also fixed.

You can read the complete notes about Cardano SL 1.2.0 (Mainnet) on Github.

Changelog for Daedalus

There are a few new features that have been included:

  • Asynchronous wallet restoration was added.
  • Wallet restore indicator was added in the sidebar.
  • Daedalus version was added in application title.
  • “Show more transactions” button was added on the summary screen.
  • “Recovery – regular” and “Recovery – force vended” tabs were added on “Ada redemption” screen.
  • Spending password to is set to “ON” by default.
  • Paper wallet certificate generation and Paper wallet certificate restoration were added.
  • The paper wallet certificate generation was updated to use more random bits.

On Github, you can read also the fixes and chores that are related to Daedalus.

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