After the successful Shelley upgrade, Cardano’s team said that there is still a lot of work to do these days.

The Cardano community talks about how the future will be changed with the help of Cardano. Check out the post that they shared:

Project Catalyst and the Voltaire phase

CryptoBriefing notes that Cardano’s Project Catalyst will be allowing the community to propose and vote on certain community projects and proposals. Also, it’s important to note that the Voltaire phase will introduce more governance fees.

Cardano announced the first stage of Project Catalyst, the first part of its governance system:

“We’ll be exploring the big picture themes of decentralized democracy, voting, and governance and how these can be made real,” IOHK said in a separate tweet.

It’s also important to note the fact that Cardano’s Voltaire stage will work towards introducing other governance features in a more extended sense.

“The Voltaire era of Cardano will provide the final pieces required for the Cardano network to become a self-sustaining system. With the introduction of a voting and treasury system, network participants will be able to use their stake and voting rights to influence the future development of the network,” according to the official notes.

The notes continue and explain that for the Cardano network to become completely decentralized, it will need not only the distributed infrastructure that’s introduced during Shelley, but also the capacity to be maintained and improved over time in a decentralized manner.

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