Centralized Services Shake Crypto's Cores Tornado Cash Mixing Service

Centralized Services Shake Crypto’s Cores – Tornado Cash Mixing Service

According to the latest reports, the mixing service Tornado Cash sees itself in hot waters following the latest news. Check them out here.

Tornado Cash mixing service

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The crypto mixing service has been making headlines following the latest reports, which you can learn in this article. Take a look at the following tweet.

Someone said: “Obvious something like this was always going to happen, right? Consensys (dunno about Alchemy) is an American company, and when the Man comes a-knocking, they’re hardly going to go rogue. Are there any potential problems with metamask being fucK*d with too?”

Someone else answered this: “Thankfully metamask is open source (tho the license is restrictive) – which unlike infura means if consensys become a bad actor, the community could route around it.”

One other commenter dropped this message: “Cancer is a bit strong. Like come on, they’ve been a HUGE benefit to the community. Don’t throw their hard work under the bus. Obviously they are susceptible to this problem (which wasn’t even a problem until now) and the time is right for better solutions.”

There has been a lot of crisis in the crypto space during the past couple of years.

But on the other hand, some optimistic news from the crypto space pops up. Check out the latest reports here.

Voyager Digital releases news about crypto withdrawals

According to the latest reports, the troubled crypto lending platform Voyager Digital revealed plans to resume cash withdrawals for customers this week after filing for bankruptcy last month.

Check out our previous article in order to learn more details about all this.


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