IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson​ gives some details about the forthcoming launch of Daedalus 2.2 in his latest YouTube live stream. Daedalus is a wallet for Cardano users, and the upgrade is set to roll out today, on August 20th.

Hoskinson says that it will bring version 1.19 of the Cardano Node, which will provide users with ‘very significant performance improvements.’

“Some aspects of the software are 100 times faster, and QA is reporting that everything looks pretty good so far,” Hoskinson said.

More Features to Come 

IOHK, the company that backs up the development of Cardano, released Daedalus 1.0 version back in April. The wallet is full-node hierarchical deterministic (HD), meaning that it downloads the history of Cardano’s entire blockchain. This is an accommodation function to ensure a higher level of security, considering that ADA holders do not have to depend on third-party apps.

The Ethereum co-founder lauded the development team that was able to achieve such significant improvements in the node software, the nucleus of the cryptocurrency’s blockchain, within a rather short period of time, mentioning that they are ‘digesting Shelley very well.’

According to Hoskinson, the new node launch will come with even more enhancements in functionality.

“I’m still beating the drum of new feature developments, so, in addition to all this remediation, cleanup and digestion, which is what we anticipated for August, we’re really getting excited about September,” he said.

Moving Forward with Shelley 

As reported by U.Today, Cardano released the much-anticipated Shelly hard fork in July, therefore, finally enabling staking. Last week, the first community pools started minting blocks, which marks the start of the blockchain’s voyage to attaining full decentralization.

With the Goguen and Basho eras going live soon, Hoskinson expects things to become ‘crazy’ for the project by the end of this year.

“So, if this is the trend, we’re going to get so strong by the Q4-Q1 timeframe where it’s really going to be crazy to see how quickly things move in that direction, so I’m pretty happy about that,” he said. 

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