Crypto exchanges are going on with new plans and developments despite the global crisis in the middle of which we are.

People are really becoming more interested in the crypto space these days, and exchanges are expected to see more users during this tough time.

A Google/Amazon approach for Coinbase

It’s been revealed that Coinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong chose a Google or Amazon approach in order to be able to make a solid difference between great projects and tokens compared to lower value ones that could harm the whole crypto industry.

During an AMA session for Coinbase Pro on YouTube, he responded to a question about the reasons for which he decided to open up the crypto exchange to more coins than Bitcoin.

He was asked at some point how he spots the low-quality projects. It’s also worth recalling that Armstong founded Coinbase back in June of 2012.

“Coinbase started and we were just Bitcoin, and there was really part of me that was hoping – from a simplicity of the product point of view – I was like, ‘I really just hope everything is going to be Bitcoin’, because then we don’t have to give people this idea of choosing different ones or switching between them,” he said as quoted by the online publication the Daily Hodl.

He continued and explained that after input from customers, the Bitcoin-only model has eventually changed.

“We’d always go talk to our customers, and we see what they want. And it became clear at a certain point that more and more of them wanted to use Ethereum,” Armstrong said.

In the video that you can see above, he continues and explains what happened and how Coinbase became the exchange that it is today. We recommend that you check out the complete clip.

Coinbase CEO was recently in the spotlight not too long ago with a really bold crypto prediction, considering the harsh times we live in these days.

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