Coinbase announced its “official launch” in Canada, following the integration of Interac payment rails for all Canadian users.

The integration, in partnership with Peoples Trust Company — part of Peoples Group — was the most requested feature by Coinbase’s Canadian users, according to a statement.

Coinbase introduces new feature

Coinbase has introduced a new feature that simplifies the process of depositing and withdrawing Canadian dollars from their accounts.

Depositing money using Interac is completely free and very fast, as per Coinbase.

Additionally, Coinbase has launched the Coinbase One subscription service, which has a 30-day trial and provides users with access to zero trading fees, higher staking rewards, and priority support. Direct bank transfers are planned for release later this year, according to a blog post.

Coinbase committed to Canada despite competitor exits

According to Coinbase, Canada is ranked as the third-most crypto-aware nation and is seen as a potentially promising market to expand into.

This is due to Canada’s strong regulatory framework and local technology industry, which positions the country to become a global leader in the crypto economy.

Nana Murugesan, Coinbase’s International and Business Development Vice President, believes that Canada’s high levels of crypto awareness, passionate tech ecosystem, and progress towards a robust regulatory framework makes it an ideal candidate for such leadership.

Despite the recent exits of crypto exchange rivals such as Binance and Bybit, Coinbase remains committed to serving customers in Canada and Kraken plans to continue operating in the country.

Accoridng to the latest predictions, there will be another BTC price drop, and the dip will only be another macro higher low and that BTC will ultimately surpass $36,000.

Inmortal has also suggested that delays in approving spot-based Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) could trigger a correction in the market.

This delay could cause traders to be shaken out of their positions before regulators give the green light for a Bitcoin ETF. Currently, Bitcoin is valued at $29,454.

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