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ConsenSys Said It Doesn’t Sell MetaMask User Data; 7-Days Storage Only

You probably remember that ConsenSys has been involved in a scandal involving the selling of user data. Check out the latest reports about the matter below.

ConsenSys responds to recent accusations

Ethereum (ETH) software company ConsenSys is once again responding to the controversy sparked by its recent update to its terms of service.

Last month, ConsenSys updated its term of service to collect user data such as names, IP addresses, dates of birth, usernames, contact information, and gender.

The firm later addressed the privacy concerns in relation to the update. Back then, the firm was saying that users could choose not to use Infura as their default node service provider.

In a new blog post, ConsenSys says it does not sell any user data, collecting it only to ensure successful transaction propagation, execution, and other functionalities like DDoS protection.

The software firm also says it is working towards only storing any collected data for seven days.

“We are working on narrowing retention to 7 days, and we will append these retention policies to our privacy policy in an upcoming update.”

The firm continued and said the following:

“We have never and will never sell any user data we collect. We use data strictly in adherence with the use limitations described in our privacy policy.”

Back in November, we revealed that the firm revised its privacy policy on Nov. 23 to notify MetaMask users that it would hoover up the data when using Infura as default Remote Procedure Call (RPC) provider.

It’s also been revealed that alongside IP and wallet addresses, ConsenSys says it collects the following:

“usernames, passwords and gender information, as well as financial data such as asset holdings, bank account numbers and bank routing numbers (MetaMask supports Visa and Mastercard purchases for crypto).”

ConsenSys later addressed the controversy in a blog post.

“The updates to the policy do not result in more intrusive data collection or data processing, and were not made in response to any regulatory changes or inquiries,” the firm said.

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