Crypto Adoption Boom: Asset Manager BlackRock Launches New Crypto-Focused ETF

Crypto Adoption Boom: Asset Manager BlackRock Launches New Crypto-Focused ETF

It’s been revealed that the world’s largest asset manager just launched a new crypto focussed ETF. Check out the latest reports below.

This is extremely important for the mass crypto adoption which is one of the most important goals that the crypto industry has set.

BlackRock launches new ETF

It’s been revealed that the investment management giangt BlackRock decided that it’s time to launch a new crypto-focused exchange-traded fund (ETF) that aims to track cutting-edge blockchain firms.

According to a recent company announcement, the firm launches the iShares Blockchain and Tech ETF (IBLC).

Accoridng to the official reports, this is a global fund that would allow investors to gain exposure to emerging technology centered around digital assets.

“The iShares Blockchain and Tech ETF seeks to track the investment results of an index composed of US and non-US companies that are involved in the development, innovation, and utilization of blockchain and crypto technologies.”

However, it’s also important to reveal that the fund would keep tabs on companies in the forefront of the field which includes mining firms and exchange protocols.

“[Traders can] access the rapidly growing blockchain technology space as blockchain use cases develop in scope, scale and complexity.”

The notes continue and reveal the following:

“[IBLC] seeks to track a rules-based index that adapts as companies in the blockchain universe change and the underlying technology evolves.”

The online publication the Daily Hodl notes that IBLC was launched on April 25th and currently holds about $4.72 million worth of assets.

More than that, it’s important to also nogte the fact that according to BlackRock’s data, 11.5% of the fund is designated to the top US-based crypto exchange platform Coinbase.

The crypto adoption and the mass adoption of blockchain is going great and there are all kinds of exciting issues that are taking place in the crypto space in this direction.




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