It has been just revealed the fact that what we are seeing now in the crypto space is an enormous opportunity regarding crypto adoption. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Crypto adoption boom

According to the latest reports, the important crypto fund manager Dan Tapiero made sure to highlight the fact that crypto adoption is exploding, and it’s happening faster than ever before.

During a new interview with Coin Bureau host Guy Turner, Tapiero made sure to highlight the fact that the crypto space has seen massive growth in the past four years alone.

“When I first had the idea for the [crypto] fund was the middle of 2019 and the total value in the space then was $300 billion. That was the value of all the cryptocurrency in the world and the value of all the equity. It’s an internal measure that we use. So it was $300 billion. At the peak 18 months ago, it had gone to $3.2 trillion. And today, we’re $1.7 trillion. So there’s $1.7 trillion of value in our world, which is unbelievable.”

He continued and said this:

“Okay, it’s down half from the peak, but it’s up 5x from four years ago. And so, I just think that people don’t realize that adoption, as we always talked about it, institutional or retail adoption, is happening at pretty much a breakneck speed. Something that goes up 5x in four years, it’s like 100% a year. That’s pretty fast.”

More than that, the trader also made sure to highlight that there is huge potential for more growth in the crypto space. According to him, this will especially happen in tokenizing real-world assets (RWA) on blockchains.

“Even this concept of tokenizing real-world assets, RWAs, which has been growing a little more in vogue in the last six months, we went from $100 million of assets tokenized to now $800 million in a few months. But it’s $800 million.”

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