It has been just revealed that the crypto exchange Gemini is announcing its expansion into he Asian region. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Gemini crypto exchange expands

The major American crypto exchange is announcing a new expansion into one of the world’s biggest market regions.

In an announcement, crypto exchange Gemini says it is expanding into the Asia Pacific (APAC) region in addition to growing their engineering base in India.

“We’re expanding in the Asia Pacific region!

Our Singapore office will serve as a hub for our larger APAC operations and we plan to increase our headcount to 100+ in Singapore.”

The exchange continued and revealed the following:

“In addition to our expansion plans in APAC, we are rapidly growing our engineering base in India.

We believe that APAC will be a great driver of the next wave of growth for crypto and for Gemini.

We are committed to implementing our international vision for the future of Gemini as we continue on our mission to unlock the next era of financial, creative, and personal freedom for all. Onward and upward!”

Gemini has previously introduced support for the Singapore dollar (SGD), the Hong Kong dollar (HKD), and the Australian dollar (AUD).

Recently, the US-based exchange announced the establishment of a new headquarters in Ireland as a response to regulatory scrutiny in the US.

The latest in the crypto space

According to analytics firm Glassnode, there has been a significant increase in the number of long-term investors accumulating Bitcoin (BTC) as the crypto approaches its halving event.

The report notes that a consistent amount of BTC is being withdrawn from exchanges, suggesting that HODLers, or entities that tend to hold onto their assets instead of selling them, are actively accumulating Bitcoin.

“The undercurrent of BTC supply continues to flow out of exchanges, miners and whale wallets, and towards HODLer entities of all sizes at a healthy rate.”

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