The crypto market looks pretty good today, with Bitcoin trading in the green and racing towards $8,000.

At the moment of writing this article, BTC is priced at $7,604.71.

Crypto newcomers tops BTC in more areas

It’s been revealed that Weiss Ratings is impressed by the relatively new crypto asset Tezos (XTZ).

The rating agency said that the tech that is powering Tezos is outshining the leading cryptos BTC, ETH and XRP.

You are already probably aware of the fact that Tezos is a smart contract proof-of-stake blockchain that is designed to offer people who hold the coin a stake in the platform in terms of its development and governance as well.

It’s important to note that stakeholders can help power the network and earn rewards in return.

Even if Bitcoin is the leading crypto asset, it’s not included in the company’s top ten coins by technology.

On the other hand, Ethereum is ranked fourth on this list and Weiss said not too long ago that it will probably move higher.

Weiss Ratings is ranking more than 120 coins based on technology, adoption, risk, and momentum. Weiss Rating is definitely helping investors identify cryptos that have the best odds for long-term success.

The online publication the Daily Hodl reveals Weiss Ratings Top Crypto Assets by Technology:






Check out more tops made by Weiss Rating in the original article by the online magazine mentioned above.

Other than this, Bitcoin is expected to see massive price movements these days, as the halving is just around the corner.

The halving event is scheduled for this May.

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