Crypto Regulations: Australian And New Zealand Are Now Fining Tourists Who Won’t Share Phone And Laptop Passwords

The customs departments of both Australia and New Zealand are now free to fine tourists who won’t share phone and laptop passwords in new, but weird, crypto regulations, as reported by Ethereum World News.

“Get your act together New Zealand. You have the opportunity to lead the world in freedom (see woman’s suffrage, nuclear-free NZ). Don’t lead the world in stripping it away,” stated the New Zealand Customs officials, who are now free to ask visitors for their phone and laptop passwords.

Anyone who refuses that might be fined by the authorities, as reported recently.

The famous Will Woo, a Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency analyst, replied  on Twitter to the following message, before announcing Ethereum World News about the recent crypto regulations adopted by Australia and New Zealand:

“Passengers refusing ‘digital search’ at the New Zealand border (surrender laptop and phone passwords!) now face $5000 Customs fine and their electronic devices seized by the New Zealand Customs.”

Crypto Regulations: Australian And New Zealand Are Now Fining Tourists Who Won’t Share Phone And Laptop Passwords

Replying to the before-mentioned message, Andreas M. Antonopoulos said that, for him, “it was nice visiting New Zealand twice.”

“Pity I won’t be going back. In today’s society, this kind of Orwellian bullshit is unacceptable,” Andreas M. Antonopoulos added.

Besides, in Australia, you can get ten years if refusing to disclose your phone and laptop passwords. However, both Australian and New Zealandese crypto regulations are only targeting cryptocurrency investors and traders.

“Encryption and other forms of electronic protection are being employed by terrorists, child sex offenders, and criminal organizations to mask illegal conduct. The exploitation of modern communications technology for illicit ends is a significant obstacle to the lawful access of communications by Australia’s law enforcement and national security agencies,” stated the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

On the other hand, Australia keeps its crypto-friendly stance before cryptocurrencies, although it adopted such harsh regulations against crypto investors and holders.

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