Crypto Traders’ Dependence On Telegram Is On The Rise

Crypto Traders’ Dependence On Telegram Is On The Rise

The crypto market looks great today, although some of the most important coins are trading in the red. During the past week, the market performed great.

Mass crypto adoption is also going well, and there are some social media channels that continue to boost the adoption of digital assets.

One of them is Telegram, and below you can find out the latest reports involving the platform.

Telegram and crypto traders

During the past few years, the crypto community has relied on social media sites like Twitter or messaging apps like Discord and Telegram to interact.

A lot of people say that Telegram is the ultimate hub for communication and information — an imperative place to be in the crypto community, notes the online publication Tech Crunch.

“Telegram usage is the bedrock of the crypto community,” the founder of Telegram channel unfolded, who goes by the username nakamotocat, said to TechCrunch.

He continued and said the following:

“Projects have come and go, players have risen and fallen, but much of the discourse between various projects and market participants resides on Telegram, and that remains a constant.”

It’s also important to say that Nakamotocat began using Telegram in early 2017 after a friend recommended they sign up for it to meet and learn from like-minded people in crypto.

About a year later, nakamotocat formed the “unfolded” channel to provide crypto market insights. Today, the channel has117,000 members, according to the same online publication.

Back in May, Telegram made headlines again.

The mass crypto adoption has been going great, and things continue to look bright these days as well. Check out the latest reports that support this claim below.

According to the latest news, Telegram’s 550 million users now have an easy way to utilize a pair of crypto assets.

The Ton Foundation says it’s created a new way for users to send and receive Toncoin (TON) directly from their chat windows.


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