Crypto Travel Agent More Stamps Global Is Disrupting The Travel Industry Positively While Paving The Way For Crypto Adoption

While the crypto community has been really down these days after the market fell so hard, the companies behind the tokens are not wasting any time and they are continuing to develop their bold projects, paving the way for the future of various industries.

Hungary-based More Stamps Global is one of these hard working companies.

It provides its services on a global scale, and the team behind the brand includes crypto enthusiasts who boast an extensive expertise in planning the ideal vacation customized according to the client’s own preferences.

The company’s CEO Patrick Amoah believes that “Cryptocurrencies use case are not complete until they are being used in the travel industry as well.”

More Stamps Global’s platform provides users with a way to book their travel needs starting from their flight and finishing with hotel bookings.

One of the best things about the platform is that you can make your online reservations using more than 40 cryptocurrencies.

Speaking of the market’s volatility, Patrick Amoah stated: “Despite the crypto coins trends and movement we are still accepting them and expanding the numbers of the crypto coins we are accepting on our platform.”

What’s new: Building the MSG Payment Gateway

If you’ve been wondering what the company is up too lately, well they have been busy working hard these days.

More Stamps Global is currently building the MSG Payment Gateway which will process more than 300 cryptos and tokens on the travel platform. 

According to CEO Patrick Amoah says that “There is no need to change your crypto coins to a fiat currency when you can just book directly with your coins on More Stamps Global platform at more cheaper rates.”

With its bold plans and intensive work, More Stamps Global is practically developing the benchmark for other travel companies to start accepting crypto and get on board on the blockchain space.

They are paving the way for crypto adoption in the travel sector, riding the innovative wave of crypto and the new fast-developing blockchain technology.

More exciting features are added to the platform

More Stamps Global is using the blockchain and its ERC-20 MSG Token entitles holders to somewhere between 5% and 30% discounts on flights, hotels and all kinds of trip deals.

More services will be shortly added to the platform and they will most likely be implemented before June 2019.

The variety of travel services that will be provided for users on More Stamps Global platform will become highly extended as the primary goal of this team is to build the largest travel platform for the whole crypto community.

Here are the main features and offerings that users of the platform will be able to enjoy:

  • More than 600,000 hotels
  • Over 100,000 sightseeing
  • Transfers which will be covering major cities
  • 500 airport lounges across the world in 97 countries and at over 250 airports
  • 100 cruise lines worldwide
  • Car Rentals in more than 2,500 locations in over 100 countries across the globe
  • The largest aggregated rail content which will be integrating with Europe’s and North America’s leading rail operations
  • Mobile recharge with more than 500 operators all over the world

…and these are only a part of the new services that will be added for the users to enjoy.

Closing words

Patrick Amoah and More Stamps Global plan to innovate the world of travel and facilitate the adoption of digital assets, while at the same time, including all the tremendous benefits that stem from riding the new wave of crypto and the blockchain technology.

“My vision is to power all crypto coins to have real use cases so people can buy travels with each and every coins they hold. That’s why we are accepting over 40 cryptocurrencies and more to be added. We love crypto coins regardless of the purpose of the coin existence,” Amoah concludes.


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