For the past 2 years, cryptocurrency has become a very popular source of money for people who want some income additionally or want to make it as the main one. 

A lot of users earn money but a lot of them lose it!

All this happens because of the great number of services available – crypto signals providers, crypto bots, wallets, exchanges, etc.

Yes, there are really a lot of them, and not each of them is legit. 

Today we want to tell you more about one crypto listing platform that checks all the present crypto services. 

Safetrading started its activity more than 2 years ago and now has a lot of things to tell and a lot of moments to be proud of. 

Now they list more than 250 traders, many bots, and wallets.

Yes, since the middle of 2019 they are able to advise you the good crypto trading bot and the safest and best crypto wallet for your assets. 

All of the services that are listed on this platform have their own statuses:

  • approved – it means that Safetrading checked the service and it is legit and trusted 
  • not checked – here it means Safetrading didn’t check this service because of some reasons, for example, because the trader didn’t provide the access to the VIP channel and the platform can’t review his crypto signals 
  • scammers – it means that the service was checked and appeared to be unprofitable, also there are some services with such a badge who has a lot of bad feedback from users 
  • not recommended – usually, traders who receive this status are rude with users, provide signals very randomly, have a lot of cross-promo, etc.

That is why, if you see the status “approved” it will mean the service is checked and you can work with it.

Of course, you can check it by yourself and it is very good! Go through all the reviews, feedback, Reddit discussions, etc. 

By the way, every “approved” trader has all the documents with reviewed signals and you can open them and go through them. 

The above-mentioned facts about statuses are common for any trading bot or wallet as well but here, of course, you need to go deeper. 

When reviewing the crypto bot, Safetrading checks everything from A to Z – the team, the process of development, features, advantages, and disadvantages, etc. 

If you want to find the best crypto wallet, you can use this platform too. Just go through all the wallets reviews and choose the best for you – with cold storage, custodial, non-custodial, desktop, mobile – anything you want you can find there. 

If you do everything right, if you spend enough time reading, searching, and reviewing, everything will be good.

Good luck, traders! 

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