Crypto enthusiasts freaked out following the latest news that Tone Vays hit them with.

Bitcoin and crypto analyst Tone Vays said that his YouTube account had been terminated.

He said that his account was taken down shortly after he received a warning on one of his videos.

Tone Vays banned from YouTube?

Vays made sure to alert his 210k followers on Twitter and it seemed that the home of his YouTube channel was displaying a 404 Not Found error.

A lot of people hopped online in support of Vays and asked YouTube to resolve the issue.

It seems that more and more crypto supporters on YouTube have reported an increasing number of issues on the platform in recent months with videos being removed and channels getting strikes without any warning.

Tone Vays’ channel is back up

The good news is that Vays’ channel is back up and his followers could not be more pleased.

Tone made sure to thank YouTube and everyone who helped.

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