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Darknet Market Run By Teenage Mastermind Is Shut Down – Money Laundering, Drugs, Weapons, Child Pornography For Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin

Canada is one of the leading jurisdictions for darknet marketplaces and also the only country in the world with a crypto exchange that allows Bitcoin trades on TOR.

It’s been just revealed that a darknet site has been shut down by the Italian police.

Berlusconi Market accepted Monero, Bitcoin and Litecoin

It’s been just reported that the Italian police arrested three people in Italy who allegedly ran a darknet site on TOR: Berlusconi Market.

The site’s customers were from three main countries: the US, Australia, and Canada, and it accepted Bitcoin, Monero, and Litecoin for payment.

The site listed more than 100,000 illegal goods and services, including child pornography, illegal drugs, fake ID products, explosives, guns, stolen credit card numbers, and stolen bank account credentials.

The mastermind is a teenager

The site’s mastermind reportedly is 19-year-old a teenager computer engineering mastermind, Luis di Vittorio.

Back in May of this year, the police arrested a user of the site and captured 2.2 kg of cocaine, ketamine, and MDMA along with 41 Bitcoin.

The user was also an admin of the Berlusconi Market, according to the latest report from AntiMoneyLaunderingLaw.

Berlusconi Market 1024x503
Berlusconi Market 1024×503

Bank drop money laundering services

The Berlusconi Market processed $2 million in transactions per year. It also listed money laundering services and the whole operation reveals who in Canada offers such bank drop money laundering services.

These involve the fact that the proceeds of crime are dropped in bank accounts for third parties. The source and movement of money are obfuscated.

The darknet operators and users have to exist out via a crypto exchange in order to cash out, and they usually have more accounts at various crypto exchanges.


The catch is that one of these exchanges is always in the real name of the users.

Giannicola Ruscino and Gianluca De Martino were also arrested as co-owners of the site. The investigation is currently unfolding.


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