Dash Vs Ethereum – Will 2018 See Dash Finally Decimate ETH?

Big things are happening in the world of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market in general. A trade war is coming. Some cryptos are going to be pumped and dumped and some are going to reach highs never before thought possible. What is more, it is becoming likely that the first shots exchanged in the coming cryptocurrency market wars, might well be fired between Dash Coin and Ethereum.

The Cryptocurrency Market Will go Mainstream in 2018

Mainstream media reporters love to raise eyebrows when discussing Bitcoin. “Oh, it’s that old ‘air money’ again,” they almost wink condescendingly through Fox, Bloomberg, and BBC camera lenses. The the only problem (for them), is that they are starting to look a little foolish.

Cumberland Mining, a Chicago and London based high volume cryptocurrency trading platform is headhunting. What is more, Cumberland is just one of several reputable tech companies and trading platforms which is head hunting right on Wall Streets very own doorstep.

The message is simple. Top trading platforms want top trading talent. What is more, they want to secure that talent now because they know that there are literally only seconds left on the clock until digital currencies and ICOs start being traded like conventional currencies and commodities.

Mainstream Trading is Exactly What Dash Coin Has Been Waiting For

Exploding in value in the wake of Bitcoin’s recent forking controversy, Dash Coin has jumped from being traded at $288 in August, to an even more respectable $422 at the time of publication. What is truly remarkable about Dash Coin, however, is the fact that the digital currency has risen in value recently, thanks to genuine merit and technological innovation. – Not loud PR drum beating like competing tokens such as Ethereum.

Dash Coin Has Already Found Solutions to Real Cryptocurrency Scalability Problems

Despite having a market cap of $32 Billion, it is safe to say that Ethereum has only secured its place as the second most successful cryptocurrency, thanks to masterful PR and paid advertising. Ethereum forked four times in 2016, specifically to counter serious Ethereum blockchain hacks and internal fraud. Fast forward to a year later, however, and Ethereum is experiencing all of the same problems all over again.

So, why is Dash Coin likely set to usurp Ethereums market cap in 2018? Well, from a security standpoint alone, the answer is simple. Dash Coin can never be hacked or have its security compromised like Ethereum. This is because Dash Coin can be sent and received completely anonymously and does not require a third party to help process transactions. What is more, Dash Coin can even rival Bitcoin in regard to the fact that unlike with Bitcoin and Ethereum, transactions can’t become bottlenecked.

Why 2018 Could Be a Perfect Storm for Ethereum

For all intents and purposes, Dash Coin has done everything right with respect to planning for a time when the cryptocurrency market might go mainstream. Dash Coin hasn’t said that it is investable. Dash Coin has proved that it is investable. Ethereum, on the other hand, seems to just laud the possible potential of its smart contract based blockchain which no one really understands, whilst only ever bring more bad news to the investment table.

The case for Dash Coin is simple. When digital currency starts to go mainstream in 2018, investors aren’t going to buy frozen fund, compromised security, and transaction bottleneck excuses from the likes of Ethereum. Instead, they’re going to look to put money in a cryptocurrency which has already found and executed solutions to such problems. The only question really is, when will the first shots between Dash Coin and Etherum actually start being fired?


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  • qwizzie says:

    It is called Dash, not Dash Coin, please adjust your article.
    There actually exist another cryptocurrency named Dashcoin (cryptonote currency),
    so to avoid confusion please call Dash by its correct name.

    Article itself is an interesting read, thanks.

  • Solo says:


    You’ve referred to the coin as Dash Coin, its just DASH akak Digital Cash,please do not mistake this for dashcoin, they are two separate coins

  • Actua says:

    1. The coin is called Dash. It is a portmanteau of Digital Cash. DashCoin is a (seemingly defunct) cryptonite protocol coin, like monero or Aeon. It is important to get names right.

    2. This article is nonsensical.

  • Sachinksd1 says:

    Ha ha r u heavily invested in dash. Or it’s a paid shill.

    Dash is a currency and eth is a platform which creates utility tokens.

    WTF comparison comes from.

    Scaling up a currency is easy but it’s massive to scale up utility platform.

    But believe me, when it does, it becomes like amazon or google out of 1990s internet boom.

    Be little serious. Or join my channel on crypto FAs.Lol

  • JYF says:

    Dashcoin is NOT Dash. Please correct your article.

    By the way, there is little sense to oppose Dash and Ethereum, which are two different valuable technologies. Dash has never been hostile to Ethereum.

  • Techno Rajji says:

    Are any of you interested in writing for cryptogazette about cyptos? please email [email protected]

  • Mestor says:

    Dash coin is another coin then what you are talking about… you are talking about Dash.

  • Tom says:

    There are multiple factual errors in this article. I only hope it’s a lack of effort and not a lack of understanding in a coin you’re actually invested in. You should really do some more research about the coins and issues you’re describing.
    If this is a shill, it’s a poor effort that will convince no one.

  • Mike Law says:

    Obviously, the writer knows little of what he speaks. Dash Coin?

  • Alex says:

    You are clearly not well informed, please disregard this article as it is not based on a proper analysis, Ethereum is used as a platform for developing software applications that use the blockchain technology, which is used to store transactional information, whereas Dash is a crypto coin and its value increases or decreases based on demand, Ethereum will fastly increase its value as more and more companies will move to this technology. Please do your homework before writing such articles. Ethereum value will increase as more and more developers will be building applications based on it.

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