Digitex Futures Ltd is an International Business Company (IBC) from the Republic of Seychelles which developed a revolutionary new token issuance revenue model which helps in operating a futures-exchange in a sustainable way and with zero transaction fees.

November 1st marked the start of The Malta Blockchain Summit which was a much-awaited event in the crypto space.

The island nation established itself as a crypto-friendly destination and more companies associated with the blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies have been moving there.

Massive announcement and exciting live presentation during the Malta Blockchain Summit

Digitex Futures Ltd attended the Malta Blockchain Summit where CEO and Founder of Digitex Futures Adam Todd spoke about Plasma, the Ethereum blockchain and its impact on the Digitex exchange.

Attendees had the chance to watch the unveiling of the live demo of the exchange for the first time ever.

Version 1 of Digitex Futures is set to be launched next month, in December, and the Malta Blockchain Summit marks the first time that the company revealed its features to the trading and investment space.

“We chose Malta as the destination to reveal the live demo because of its forward-thinking stance on blockchain and innovation in general,” said Todd.

“Malta is, without doubt, the Blockchain Island and we feel at home among so many brilliant and receptive minds. We can’t wait to make history not only by knocking the futures industry on its head but by adding the most secure and technologically flawless Plasma solution to our platform,” Todd continued.

Plasma partnership

Digitex has been selected out of thousands of potential candidates as one of the pilot companies that incorporate Plasma into their tech and the only hybrid crypto exchange that offers this solution.

Digitex Futures lets you buy and sell Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum futures contracts with zero fees.

It’s also worth mentioning that profits and losses are denominated in the exchange’s native token, DGTX which managed to boast a massive growth in the recent weeks.

CEO Todd said that he believes it’s great that Digitex is the very first hybrid exchange to adopt the tech and they are “breaking the mold” with their zero-fee non-custodial trading model.

They will offer traders the most cutting-edge tech solution.

Plasma will make it possible that the Ethereum blockchain and various DApps that are built on it to scale to a mass audience.

Digital Futures is among the first companies that support mass adoption in the crypto space.

One other achievement of the company is that their token DGTX has been added to the HitBTC exchange, one of the crypto exchange market leaders.


Closing words

Digitex Futures’ presence at the Malta Blockchain Summit is essential, as the event was an innovative opportunity for global influencers to debate various potential applications of blockchain across lots of industries including marketing, entertainment, government, and banking.

One significant speaker who was present in Malta is John McAfee among many others.

“We are coming into our power,” McAfee tweeted, highlighting the massive importance of the Summit for cryptosphere.

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