Watch out world! In this revealing exposé, your favorite crypto-reporter goes down the rabbit hole in a three-part series to uncover the truth behind the products, concepts and designs that comprise the district0x platform.

In Part 1, I gave a cursory glance at the company’s products and position in the broader market.

In Part 2, I dug deeper into the various districts available on the district0x Registry,  reviewing my personal experience participating in the latest platform addition, Meme Factory.

In this stunning conclusion, I interview industry expert and Community Manager for district0x, Brady McKenna.

As promised, I, Micah C. Miracle, sat down with Brady McKenna in my 28′ crypto-hideout for a little one on one web-chat about the amazing district0x platform!

With generosity and community at the forefront of his ethos, Brady patiently answered a series of probing inquiries. And as I asked the tough questions on the forefront of every investor’s mind, Brady gave it to me straight in a brilliant flash of updates, happenings and developments from this ambitious crypto-project.


Focusing on the core districts at the heart of the district0x platform, I was able to penetrate through layers of convoluded tech-speak and cut to the heart of the company’s products. 

But you don’t have to take my word for it, watch the video below and see for yourself:

In a little over 15 minutes, Brady McKenna gives answers to an array of burning questions, including: What’s up with Name Bazaar? And, how do I get my hands on those physical memes?!

From wallet recommendations for your NFT’s to increased participation in dapps stemming from global self-isolation, you don’t want to miss this fantastic Q&A!

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Down the Rabbit Hole

This interview concludes my 3 part series, Down the Rabbit Hole: an In-Depth Expose of district0x. Check out the latest community update from the district0x team here:

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