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El Salvador’s President Is Praised By Rep. Nancy Mace

El Salvador has been making a lot of headlines since the nation became crypto-friendly. The president is praised by a lot of people in the crypto space and more.

Check out what rep. Nancy Mace said about him recently in a tweet below.

Someone else said: “Totally agree. Small countries historically beholden to large nations central banking decisions have so much to gain in terms of autonomy and freedom by adopting a bitcoin standard.”

A commenter posted this message in the comments section: “We are building a new country, and we have a great leader. We’re a new generation of public servers, this the time to take big decisions for the future, to our people. Thank you for you support congresswoman 🇺🇸🤝🇸🇻.”

Bitcoin could see its bottom

It’s been just revealed that an important crypto strategist is looking at Bitcoin’s previous bear markets in an effort to predict the end of BTC’s current downtrend.

Pseudonymous analyst Rager has recently said that the length of Bitcoin’s 2014 and 2018 bear cycles suggests that BTC has a long way to go before it can carve a bottom.

“The more you look at prior BTC price history, the more one can think it’s not the bottom. After 190 days from the all-time high, Bitcoin still had another 150 to 200 days until it hit bottom last couple of cycles (red box). If time is any indicator, could be another six to eight months.”

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