It has been just revealed the fact that there are some pretty mind-blowing predicitons for altcoins in the coming months. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Electric future for altcoins lies ahead

According to a popular crypto analyst, the upcoming two months will be very lucrative for altcoins.

The analyst, Michaël van de Poppe, shared his updated outlook on three digital assets on the social media platform X.

He believes that while the ETH/BTC pair may have hit its bottom, altcoins are expected to perform exceptionally well in the next two months and the market will be very dynamic during this period.

“Bitcoin still consolidating around $43,000 while Ethereum is taking more momentum. The bottom for ETH/BTC is close or maybe in. Coming two months are going to be electric for altcoins further. Enjoy the ride!”

At the time of writing, the trading value of ETH/BTC is $0.0536. Analyst Van de Poppe shared his thoughts on layer-2 blockchains such as Optimism (OP) and Arbitrum (ARB), as well as on the popular meme asset Pepe (PEPE).

As per the analyst, Pepe is exhibiting a lot of momentum and has the potential to become the next Dogecoin (DOGE). He also suggested that buying the dips can be a viable strategy.

“This one shows a lot of momentum, but I’d like to see a retest at 1285-1350 and then continue towards 2000. Buying dips on this one is a proper strategy at this market stage. It may be the new DOGE.”

At the time of writing, PEPE is trading at $0.000002. According to van de Poppe, Optimism’s layer-2 scaling solution seems to be following the same path as Ethereum (ETH).

“Another one follows the path of Ethereum. If there’s a correction, then it would be wise to look at the region between $1.85-1.935 to ensure you’re getting a proper entry. Right now, you’re basically chasing the candles.”

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