The crypto market looks pretty good today, with Bitcoin and the other important coins trading in the green.

Bitcoin managed to surpass the important level of $9,000 once again, and the most important coin in the market is currently trading at $9,012.91.

Tesla’s Elon Musk just sparked Bitcoin buying rumors on Twitter.

Is Musk planning to buy BTC?

On May 2nd Elon Musk posted a joke which later cost Tesla stocks minus 10% in value – the market responded right away as if it was offering a response to Musk’s complaint about the Tesla stock price being too high, according to the info coming from UToday.

The online publication also revealed that the Bitcoin Twitter account also responded saying that BTC price is too low and this led to another discussion.

Now, Musk published more provocative posts about Bitcoin. The response to them only shows that the community accepts the jokes and they believe that one day he’d want to buy some more than the 0.25 BTC that he’s reportedly holding.

Musk also said that he’s selling his house and crypto fans believe that he’ll buy BTC.

Musk got a lot of responses following his tweet.

Justin Sun told Musk to buy BTC.

Someone said, “The thing about being a billionaire is that physical possessions have almost no meaning because they can be so easily replaced and have no value. If you are having an existential crisis about that, I would recommend just spending time with family and friends, who are priceless.”

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