EOS (EOS) To Eventually Be The Best Investment Opportunity In The Crypto Market

EOS (EOS) is very present in the news, lately, and despite the latest issues and bad news surrounding the EOS blockchain, the community is still crazy about this cryptocurrency. Even more, the Chinese listed EOS blockchain as #1, while others still see it as very promising crypto.

Eventually, EOS (EOS) might indeed prove to be the best investment opportunity in the crypto market, but until that happens EOS has to solve out its current issues.

One of the most worrying factors lately is the EOS (EOS) lack of decentralization which made the EOS community to slight loss its trust in their favorite crypto asset.

However, since the news that the Chinese government’s crypto assets department listed EOS blockchain as #1 in China, surpassing Ethereum (ETH), the EOS community seems to regain its trust.

Since Block.One is not a part of EOS operations any longer, EOS community observed that the team adopted a more centralized approach and that’s upsetting EOS enthusiasts. To that, add the fact that recent issues made EOS team to shut down 27 accounts, and you’ll be able to see why the community adopted such an evasive behavior when it comes to EOS.

EOS (EOS) might eventually be the best investment opportunity in the crypto market

But bad news can’t last forever, right? The same applies to EOS blockchain and its cryptocurrency.

EOS (EOS) position in the crypto market reveals that, despite the recent problem surrounding its, EOS is capable of keeping up with the other cryptos and its blockchain remains the most advantageous right now, with its unparalleled transaction confirmation, network throughput, and zero transaction fees.

All those features put EOS blockchain on the right track to surpass Ethereum (ETH) network of smart contracts and DApps.

Now that the Chinese also listed EOS (EOS) network on the #1 place, the EOS community regains its trust in this asset. Eventually, EOS (EOS) might become the best investment thanks to its superior blockchain technology.




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