It has been revealed that an important investor is addressing the era of US dollar dominance. Check out the latest reports about this below.

US dollar dominance era comes to an end

Famous American investor Jim Rogers believes that the era of the US dollar as the world’s leading currency is coming to an end. In an interview with the Nomad Capitalist YouTube channel, Rogers stated that the peak of American currency is now in the past.

Rogers mentioned that the Chinese yuan could be a potential candidate for the replacement of the US dollar, but he also pointed out that China’s strict capital controls are preventing the yuan from surpassing all other currencies.

“I own a lot of US dollars, but I know that the era of the US dollar is coming to an end. No currency stayed on top forever, no more than 100-150 years – none in history…”

He continued and said the following:

“But I don’t see another currency at the moment that can compete except the Chinese currency but the [Chinese yuan] is a blocked currency. You can’t just buy and sell it like you can euros or dollars or something.

So until China completely opens its currency, I don’t its practice. They’re doing it, they’ve been doing it for 20 years. Not enough if you ask me, but it’s the only currency that I see on the horizon that someday can compete with the US dollar.

I hope something else comes along, but I don’t see it yet.”

Investor Jim Rogers is not impressed with the global economic alliance known as BRICS. In his opinion, the group is just a product of someone’s imagination, with no real substance.

Despite claims of expansion, he sees no concrete evidence of growth beyond annual meetings.

However, reports indicate that in August, BRICS approved the addition of several new countries, including Saudi Arabia, Iran, Ethiopia, Egypt, Argentina, and the United Arab Emirates, with many other countries reportedly interested in joining the alliance, as noted by the Daily Hodl.

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