Ethereum Enthusiasts Have The Perfect Opportunity To Buy The Dip – Best Time To Invest In ETH

Ethereum (ETH) has been bleeding or, put in other words, losing all the recent gains that it managed to accumulate during the last bull market.

Even though this seems like really bad for the crypto, on the other hand, it’s the best opportunity to buy at lower prices and make a huge profit when the bulls return. ETH price prediction for 2019 is quite bullish.

ETH predictions are bullish

Smartereum discusses how BTC failed to move above $8,000 recently, and it fell towards the $7,500 region.

This led to a massive fall in the price of altcoins, and the bearish trend continued, even though, today it seems that all coins are trading in the green again.

ETH going down was not a sign of the network filing or the project not being successful; it was just the coin responding to the negative sentiment in the market. And it’s still the best time to buy.

The online magazine mentioned above notes that there are more crypto experts who are expecting the coin to hit $300 soon.

The SEC just solidified ETH’s label

It was recently reported that the SEC just made an important move towards the credibility of ETH.

During a case against KIK, the U.S. SEC has stated once again that Ethereum (ETH) is a usable currency and not a security.

This is not the first time when the SEC classes the digital asset, but not they surely solidified the precedent.

As reported by UToday, the SEC claims that Bitcoin (BTC) is not a security and neither is ETH.

This is very important because, with this latest move, the SEC gave ETH the green light, which will definitely make it more attractive for potential investors and could possibly release FOMO as well.

More regulation in the crypto space or validation coming from regulators is something essential especially for big investors because this creates more trust in the space.

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