Ethereum Price Prediction: A Surge To $200 Could Be Possible For ETH Soon

The past two days have been amazing for the crypto market because the much-awaited bulls arrived.

Bitcoin managed to trigger excitement for crypto enthusiasts when it surged past $5,000 making sure to lead the way for all the other cryptocurrencies as well.

A particular coin that enjoyed the benefits of the most recent bull was Ethereum.

The coin is currently priced at $164.67 on Coinmarketcap, and it’s seen a 20% rise over the past seven trading days with a further 31% price surge over the past month.

Investinblockchain crypto experts believe that another surge is on the way and the token could reach $200.

“The recent price increase has caused ETH/USD to break above a long term symmetrical triangle pattern that the market has been trading within for over four months. The breakout has now allowed the market to climb above the $150 handle as it now makes the run toward $200.”

The online publication continues and details all the tech indicators which support this prediction, and we recommend that you head over to the original article and take a look at their explanations.

Bullish ETH price prediction for April

Crypto analyst ScienceGuy9489 is back with more predictions, as reported by Investinblockchain.

The man recently had a Twitter forecast in which he claimed that ETH has the potential to reach a high of $2,090.

“He had calculated this figure by taking the support at $80 from the 2018 high at $1,420 ($1420 – $80 = $1340). He went on to divide the result by 2 and then added this figure to the 2018 high to reach $2,090,” the online publication explains.

ScienceGuy seems that he did not stop there are he took things even further saying that ETH will have a breakout date: April 24.

Things have finally started to move in the crypto space pricewise as well, and it’s like a breath of fresh air after the bearish trend that dominated the market throughout 2018.

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