It has been just reported the fact that Ethereum seems to be rocking the web3 developer activity in the US, BNB Chain, in Europe, and Asia. Check out the latest reports about the crypto space here.

Ethereum rocks web3 developer activity

According to a report by Chainstack, a provider of crypto infrastructure, Ethereum is the top choice for web3 app developers in the U.S. Meanwhile, BNB Chain is leading in Europe and Asia.

Chainstack analyzed its user data to identify the usage patterns of nodes hosted on traditional cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services.

By analyzing data on node dominance and protocol preferences in 2023, Chainstack gained insights into the popularity of various protocols by region and node type. In the U.S., Ethereum was the most preferred protocol, accounting for 38.9% of node requests or 18.8 billion.

BNB Chain followed with 31.3%, while Polygon had 17.2%. Avalanche and Solana also had notable interest, accounting for 4.8% and 2.4% of node requests, respectively.

Across Europe, BNB Chain was the leading developer with 5.4 billion node requests, accounting for 24.4% of the total. Polygon and Avalanche closely followed with 22.8% and 22.6% respectively. Ethereum secured the fourth position with 18.3%, while Arbitrum and Solana accounted for 8.6% and 4.5% respectively.

In Asia, BNB Chain dominated the market with 3.4 billion requests, comprising 72.1% of the node infrastructure. Ethereum followed with 25.4%, while Polygon and Arbitrum generated 4.5% and 4.3% of requests respectively.

Full nodes were the preferred option in all regions compared to archive nodes. Full nodes offer a more efficient solution by trimming blockchain data, rather than maintaining a full archive of transaction history state in many crypto ecosystems.

This preference was particularly notable in Asia, where full nodes accounted for 99.5% of total requests. In the US, full nodes served 65.8% of requests, while in Europe, they served 71% of requests.

Many people prefer elastic nodes because they are cost-effective and scalable. Unlike dedicated nodes that are limited to a single use or application, elastic nodes can be accessed by multiple users and applications simultaneously.

In Asia, there is a strong preference for elastic nodes, accounting for 89.6% of all requests. In Europe, elastic nodes are preferred with 61% of requests. However, dedicated nodes are the leading choice in the U.S. with 52.6% of total requests.

Chainstack supports more than 25 of the largest blockchain networks, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polygon, and BNB Chain. This allows developers to deploy, manage, and scale their dapps. Some of the projects that use Chainstack include 1inch, TheGraph, Chainlink, LayerZero, and Trust Wallet, according to the reports coming from the online publication the Daily Hodl.

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